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Our aim is to change the living style away from  home

Outstay.in is an exclusive web portal that facilitates individuals to avail accommodation services in hassle-free and convenient manner. Outstay.in exploring social living place like Hostels, Paying Guest, Aged Home and Furnished or Serviced Apartment for all age group and gender. Taking pride of offering the right choice that fits with specific needs and budget.

In-order to assist the service provider by getting their business from any part of the world just on a call or click. The good and best service providers are finding difficult to explore there business to the client next level. Now a days lots are feared to live in individual because of cost, safety and loneliness. So the social living is the only option, make sure of living life in the affordable budget with standardized amenities, fun living, good hospitality, flexible migration and safety observable, etc..

Outstay started in order to assist the general public and the service providers in the modern way assuring client safe and comfortable that enables them to achieve their intended purpose, we guarantee the great experience to both client and the service provider. Outstay is now in expansion mode of spreading across the all cites and states of our country.

Endless listing!

Using outstay.in, people from various locations can select their preferred accommodation from a large range of options. Regardless of what they look for, such as Hostel’s or Pg’s, Furnished or Services apartments, we are listing the perfect living spaces with services and amenities provided by the service provider that fulfill your budget.

Care for the Needy!

At outstay.in, we understand the plight of elderly people who have been rendered homeless and we empathize with them. We have a separate section that specializes in accommodating aged and helpless people abandoned by their near and dear ones. We ensure to put them up in the most secure and cozy environment that suits their age and fitness.


Spacious, hygienic, and lively living quarters at affordable pricing!

With the modern way of living demanding accommodation for varied types of individuals, it has become essential to identify and make use of the perfect place within one’s means. Moreover, necessary amenities such as food, geyser, and Wi-Fi according to individual needs have to be managed properly. This is where outstay.in outshines peers and competitors.

For finding a good place within your budget and having a convenient and peaceful stay, you are welcome to visit our website!